How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore

How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore

How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore, LEGOLAND Malaysia is the must-visit tourist destination in Johor Bahru where you can loosen up yourself and appreciate boundless fun.

  • This amusement park which sits 45 km far from Singapore.
  • It is regularly visited by Singaporeans amid ends of the week and occasions.
  • In case despite everything you’re thinking about how to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore, this article is most appropriate for you.
  • We incorporate a far reaching transport manual for LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore and the info below can help you in various ways.

1. Private Car / Private Taxi from Singapore to LEGOLAND Malaysia (Highly Recommended!

How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore Advantage:

  • Hassle-free – no compelling reason to land with gear at every custom.
  • Increase travel time for 1-3 hours – no need to line up at traditions to get your passport stamped.
  • Any get point at whenever
  • Convey you straightforwardly to LEGOLAND Malaysia.
  • Smooth and carefree voyage
  • On the off chance that movement with more than 5, the cost is less expensive than taking open bus


  • Expensive if travel alone.

Recommend For:

  • Families travelling with infants and elderly people.
  • Groups of friends with 5-10 people.
  • People who seek for relax, comfortable and stress-free ride.

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2. Public Bus from Singapore To LEGOLAND Malaysia
How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore


  • Cheapest way to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore
  • Does not require Pre-booking



  • No direct transfer service available.
  • Need to disembark twice with luggage for clearing customs.

Recommend For:

  • Families and adults who carry fewer luggage and not rushing time.


Price Range:

  • Less than SGD 10 per person


3. Coach / Bus Tour Company To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore
How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore

  • Faster than taking public bus
  • Brings you directly to LEGOLAND Malaysia


  • Require PayPal and credit card for pre-booking
  • Need to alight from bus twice for clearing customs

 Recommend For:

  • Families who wants to reach LEGOLAND Malaysia in less than 3 hours

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4. Train + Bus/Local Taxi To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore
How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore

  • Cheap Ever 


  • Not a direct transfer service
  • Train tickets are sold at limited seat
  • If you miss the train, it takes hours to wait for next arrival
  • Need to clear customs

Recommend For:

  • Adults or groups of friends who are on budget travel

Price Range:

Train Service:

  • Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral: SGD 5 per way
  • JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ: RM 5 per way

Local taxi to LEGOLAND Malaysia: RM 18

Local bus to LEGOLAND Malaysia: RM 4.60

Here Are The Steps:

  • Go to the bus stop opposite to the Marsiling MRT Station.
  • Take bus 856.
  • Alight when the bus stops at the bus stop of Woodlands Centre Road.
  • Head to Woodlands Train Checkpoint and buy tickets at their counter. Clear your immigration here as well.
  • Go to the waiting hall and voard the train which brings you to JB Central.
  • Alight from the train and clear customs.
  • At JB Sentral, take bus LM 1 to LEGOLAND Malaysia. Or, take any of the local taxi to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

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