JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel Review

About JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewJW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, A youthful blood in Singapore, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach has been working since 2016. As of now, they’ve built up a strong nearness in the city.

Strangely, the zone it is possessing now was once in the past a military camp in the city, which clarifies the motivation behind its natural, white structures on the edge of its property, which has been patched up and renovated while as yet holding its legacy.

Nowadays, JW Marriott is known as a top of the line hotel with disengaged offices, for example, F&B foundations, office spaces, overhauled habitations and a dance hall, bury alia.

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The inside outline has been altogether and painstakingly made by eminent French originator Philippe Starck. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, In that capacity, the hotel encapsulates a great deal of silver and metallic ideas, from the furniture to the work of art.

You’ll rapidly see that JW Marriott’s building plans are interestingly wave-like, which guessed help cool temperatures inside the working by 1 to 2 degrees through coordinating breeze stream into the inside.

They additionally invest awesome exertion to go eco-accommodating by means of a few activities: establishment of sunlight based boards on the housetops to control the night lights, and having structures that are intended to gather water into a supply for reuse in their lakes and watering plants.

Checking in to JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewFor one, the 7-meter tall advanced showcase done by a well-known South Korean craftsman that welcomes you as you enter the anteroom is certain to grab your attention.

We touched base at the hotel at 1 PM, where we were given an exhaustive voyage through the hotel. Our expectation was met with dissatisfaction when our check in must be postponed. Further, our sacks were mysteriously gone as well.

After a hold up of very nearly 3 hours, we were at long last rejoined with our things, however not after various treks to the gathering and calls to them.

As a feature of setting aside a few minutes, they offered an augmentation of our look at time until 6 pm rather than the first 12 pm. It was a pity we couldn’t use the broadened time however, as we as of now had different plans the next day.

By and by, it was an euphoric astonishment to open our way to a container of red wine, products of the soil, cordiality of JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach!

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Room

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewIndeed, even while taking the lift to get the hotel room, craftsmanship is ubiquitous.

The inside of the lift is enclosed by backdrops with bluff pictures of marine animals. The lifts are additionally lit up in various shades of neon lights that change at regular intervals, each light highlighting an alternate arrangement of marine animals on the backdrops. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review,Being in the lift was just as I was right in an aquarium!

We registered with our Ruler Head room on the seventeenth floor and totally cherished the gigantic room space! Over that, the extensive windows offered an unhampered perspective of Marina Sound Sands and the encompassing CBD structures.

On the contiguous window, I wasn’t comfortable to the point that it ignored the neighboring room totally. Not precisely the sort of protection I was searching for.

JW Marriott takes present day innovation to another level – their extravagant divider controls control nearly the whole room, from the window ornaments and the blinds to the brilliance of the lights in the room and restroom.

The washroom! The washroom is another office that altogether awed me. There was sufficient space to fit a shower desk area, a W/C, and in addition a bath alongside the sink.

The can bowl was fitted with a standout amongst the latest innovation – a programmed bidet and dryer controlled by a remote. The top even opens individually when it distinguishes development! In the event that you’ve been to Japan, you’ll hear what I’m saying!

There are additionally the little subtle elements that make the room cozy and present day – the customized welcoming on your cordless telephone, the restroom shoes that demonstrate their sexual orientations, the television screen that can be swiveled 180 degrees (so you can sit in front of the television from anyplace in the room), the long sofa and the charming smaller than normal measuring scale!

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Amenities

Swimming Pool

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewIt appears as though every hotel has gotten on the possibility of ungainliness pools, and JW Marriott has 2 of those! The first is situated on the sixth floor and it has the ideal measure of daylight on the off chance that you like being outside for sun-tanning. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, It ignores Suntec City Shopping center and the encompassing City Corridor territory.

There is additionally sufficient space for chilling by the pool all around the level, regardless of whether you like it protected or not, making it an ideal scene for a grill or poolside eating.

The other vastness pool on the eighteenth floor is shielded. While it is dimmer and the water colder, the 180-degree perspective of the CBD and Esplanade is bewildering, making it a pleasant spot!



JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewAside from swimming, you can discover other recreational exercises to do on this level as well. There’s a far reaching open-spaced territory where you can sit on recliners or couches, getting a charge out of the breeze.

Foosball table, pool table and table tennis table are around for visitors to while their chance away. Simply approach any of the staff on the off chance that you wish to play.



JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewAdditionally on the eighteenth floor, the main thing that will grab your attention when you enter the gym is this enormous television screen flushed in the indoor gym’s divider. On the screen is an activity video on circle for some exercise motivation.

The gym is completely furnished with various helped weight machines focusing on various muscle gatherings, over a column of treadmills. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, There’s even a free weights area with a seat. I was gotten unsuspecting the SMITH machine! Relatively few hotel gyms have that.

Likewise, you can have a go at kickboxing here. There’s a kickboxing sham and gloves here, so lash on and give it a punch!

I was inspired to discover that a guaranteed fitness coach is available on a few mornings to help with visitors who are working out.

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JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Services


JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewSituated in an expansion of level 2 of South Beach Tower, its plan take motivation from waves.

There are express medications accessible, directed to the CBD swarm. this treatment tends to your 5 detects (separated of taste buds, obviously) on a hand crafted knead seat. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, The seat is warmed to for distressing, with fragrance based treatment aromas to additionally loosen up you.

The toilets are outfitted with Jacuzzi, hot sauna and showers.

At long last, there is an unwinding lounge with zero gravity seats – seats that lean back in reverse. It is prescribed that visitors sit for 15 to 20 minutes after their spa session to completely feel the impacts.


JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewOnce in the past a penetrate lobby for a military camp, this independent ballroom is one of only a handful few independent ballrooms in Singapore. It is consistently reserved by private people and organizations for holding private occasions.

Truth be told, there was a wedding that occurred on the day that we checked in.

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Dining at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel Review

Buffet Breakfast at the Executive Lounge

This throughout the day eating Official Lounge for official visitors is accessible and situated on the second floor.

The Official Lounge is open from 6 am to 12 midnight. It serves breakfast, evening tea and night mixed drink.

The outline of the lounge is really astounding – it is decorated with a blend of huge wooden tables and metallic silver furniture, arranged so that it advances association yet takes into consideration private seating too.

Gatherings can be held inside the open-separated straightforward yellow/pink allotments. I didn’t extravagant the metallic seats excessively – the air con makes it excessively cool, making it impossible to sit easily!


I love being welcomed by the cordial staff as we entered the Lounge each time.

So, it was shockingly swarmed for breakfast when I descended at 9am, despite the fact that it gathered be held for official visitors as it were! I wouldn’t set out envision the amount more swarmed it may get at Beach Street Kitchen, where whatever is left of the visitors have their smorgasbord breakfast at.

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewA large portion of the tables were full and taken, and those that were unfilled had not been cleared and cleaned in time.

There was not a major choice for breakfast – sustenance decisions were restricted to the typical cakes (croissants, breads and spreads), Asian cooking styles (noodle soup and seared rice) Western foods (hash tans, bacon and meats).

The line at the egg station justified a 15-minute sit tight for our crisply cooked omelets.

Drinks offered, apart from the usual coffee and tea, also included wine. There are also take away cups by the coffee machines for you to have coffee on-the-go.

Buffet Dinner at Beach Road Kitchen

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewThere is an expansive scope of choice at Beach Street Kitchen. To begin with (and the thing that gets me most amped up for), they have a crisp fish segment.JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach – Hotel Review, That implies boundless supply of shellfish!

At that point there is the sashimi area, which offers no less than 5 unique kinds of sashimi. Kid, I had them all!

They have a wood fire stove for making pizzas, a noodle bar, monstrous salt prepared fish (would it say it was tilapia?), another enormous meal meat and rack of sheep, a variety of cheeses and salami, and also every sweet you can consider (perhaps aside from a fondue?).

Meat and fish darlings will undoubtedly appreciate this buffet of determination!


JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s Location

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach - Hotel ReviewIt is associated specifically to Esplanade MRT Leave F from the cellar, and there are a lot of exercises to do inside strolling separation. Chijmes is flawless to hold a sentimental night supper, while Wagers Hotel brags of old, pioneer design that is a most loved for picture takers. Pools City Shopping center is your closest shopping center to get your brisk needs, reasonable chomps or staple goods.

With a plenitude of lay regions on people in general floors on Levels 6 and 18 and the cool breeze piping through, it is difficult to remain inside when you can take in the regular air from up above.

On first visit, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach’s huge, confused structure may appear to influence you to lose your orientation, yet I beyond any doubt enjoy endeavoring to find new refuges inside this property!

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