Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit

Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur

Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit, Both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are major passages to Southeast Asia with a lot of air ways to local destinations, making both prevalent stopovers on any Southeast Asian stay. In the event that you are choosing which city is a superior place for tourism and can visit once, here are a few focuses which can ideally enable you to choose.


Tourist Attractions

Singapore Or Kuala LumpurSocially, the two urban communities offer comparatively themed attractions as in both have social enclaves as a Chinatown, Little India and Malay village.Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit, The two urban areas are additionally fantastic spots to visit for some pilgrim British design and fine examples are the Moorish-themed railroad station in Kuala Lumpur and the Armenian Church and National Display in Singapore.


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On the off chance that we are to discuss tourist attractions that are found exclusively inside as far as possible, at that point I would likely give Singapore a slight edge in this standard. Beside the social attractions expressed above which are moderately equivalent between the two urban communities, you likewise get the chance to profit by world-class family attractions and amusement in Singapore through its amusement parks (i.e. Universal Studios, S.E.A. Aquarium, etc.) and casinos clubs. Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit, You will discover casinos and amusement parks on the off chance that you drive from Kuala Lumpur too yet these are not situated inside as far as possible.

Results: slight edge to Singapore


Singapore Or Kuala LumpurI would most likely say that the two urban areas are equivalent in general with regards to the foods. Kuala Lumpur has an enthusiastic vendor and neighborhood food scene and in addition some genuinely inventive bistros yet Singapore has an edge with regards to fine feasting while likewise having a decent nearby food scene and built up bistro culture. Obviously, Kuala Lumpur will have an edge with regards to costs however this rule doesn’t take care of costs (the following one does).


Singapore Or Kuala LumpurEndowments and a wealth of common assets in Malaysia have made its capital, Kuala Lumpur one of the cheapest urban areas in Asia. Indeed, even the lavish hotels here are among the most reasonable in the district as are other travel costs, for example, food, ground transport and essential administrations. The goods and service tax was additionally recently making some shopper products from outside brands somewhat cheaper than Singapore sometimes.

In Singapore, hope to pay 2x to 3x what you’d pay in Kuala Lumpur as far as food and ground transport. When in doubt, food costs convey a comparable quantum in the both urban areas. Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit, For instance, a plate of noodles which would go for SGD 4 to 5 in Singapore’s hawker centers will cost likewise MYR 4 to 5 in Kuala Lumpur’s vendor focuses (special case are in top of the line places, for example, the shopping center underneath the Petronas Towers). With the SGDMYR conversion scale being right around 3.00, you’re basically paying just 1/3 in KL.

Results: Kuala Lumpur is the undisputed winner over Singapore when it comes to costs/prices


Singapore Or Kuala LumpurSingapore is the unmistakable victor as far as security. As one of the most secure cities communities on the planet, pick-taking and other road violations are relatively unfathomable in Singapore.Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur – Which City is Better To Visit, Kuala Lumpur all in all is additionally protected yet tourists need to keep an eye out for pack grabbing which can occur around the tourist zones and tricks, for example, nonnatives presenting themselves as casually dressed police and requesting your identification.

Results: Singapore is a city that’s hard to beat when it comes to safety and so has a definite edge over Kuala Lumpur

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Day / Short Trip Opportunities

Singapore Or Kuala LumpurThe two destinations offer a lot of day trip openings. From Singapore, you can take off to the close-by destinations in Malaysia or Indonesia. Johor Bahru, where you can discover Legoland, is a prominent short trip as is Melaka which is 4 hours away. Facilitate south, you can likewise look at the islands of Batam or Bintan in Indonesia which are known for their beach resorts and golf courses.

There are unmistakable favorable circumstances in case you’re going for day trips from Kuala Lumpur as in you won’t need to clear through immigration. Destinations, for example, Melaka, Genting Highlands or Ipoh are just two or three hours head out., You can likewise fly all through Penang inside multi day on the off chance that you so wish.

Results: Kuala Lumpur offers more accessible day trip opportunities that require less hassle. In Singapore, you need to cross international borders.



Singapore Or Kuala LumpurIn the event that you are wondering whether Singapore or Kuala Lumpur has better nightlife, you have to look past the quality and accessibility of clubs and bars. Both offer different kinds of nightlife choices – from swanky and selective joints to neighborhood bars – yet for the most part there are Less guidelines in Kuala Lumpur with regards to liquor utilization. In Singapore for instance, individuals can’t devour liquor in broad daylight territories between 10:30PM to 7AM with specific regions being assigned as alcohol control zones.

Results: Kuala Lumpur


Where To visit If You Can Choose One?

You can’t turn out wrong with either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Whether, that it is your first time in Asia, I would prescribe picking Singapore rather as its charming condition, assorted food and exceedingly created transportation For something more, Kuala Lumpur’s urban grit is unquestionably more intelligent of Asia than Singapore and the previous is additionally cheaper. Kuala Lumpur is also a superior place to visit in case you’re extremely excited about Islamic culture.


Where To Stay In Singapore Or Kuala Lumpur

Singapore – Hotel Yan is a good stay option. Located in the Jalan Besar neighborhood, you’ll find plenty of cafes and charming eateries and more nearby.

Kuala Lumpur – For the best views of the Petronas Towers, you can’t go wrong with the Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


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