Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review


Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review, Concealed in a calm and rich corner of Sentosa, the peaceful Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa offers an uncommon rest from the urbanity of a thick city, for example, Singapore. The resort opened in late-2015, having supplanted what was at one time The Sentosa, a Beaufort resort. Today, the Accor property gloats of 211 rooms and suites, 4 estates and the world’s biggest So Spa. I likewise checked no under 4 F&B choices – the greater part of any Accor property in Singapore.

SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWOne minor irritation about remaining in Sentosa is transport but this property appears to hit the nail on the head. Having remained in different inns in the island beforehand, I noticed how the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort has what is likely the most regular complimentary transport benefit plan – half hour interim between the lodging and Vivo city beginning at 7:30 am and finishing at 11:30 pm (around 2 or 3 hours after the fact than different properties) with no meal break. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review There is likewise a complimentary transport benefit between the inn and Paragon in orchard – at two hour interim beginning at 10 am and finishing at 10:30 pm.


SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWI was promptly welcomed with an outside air when I touched base at the property. The exquisite outdoors campaign with striking decorations was my first sign this is a resort more with regards to customary Southeast Asian resort islands as opposed to one out of a space-denied city.


SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWI had arrived sooner than the standard registration time and my room was not prepared yet. To keep me involved while sitting tight for my room, gathering gave me my complimentary welcome beverage vouchers for recovery at the Le Bar – a standard incorporation for Accor Le Club individuals who are silver or more.

By 3 pm, my room was prepared and I advanced toward the Peace Wing to look at it out of the blue. The pathway from the anteroom prompting the rooms offered a superb look at the spread of the property. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review, Whitewashed segments emitted a cooling impact while wellsprings and peacocks graced the all-around manicured gardens. Despite the fact that I was there on an end of the week – a regularly bustling time for any goal in Sentosa, I could in any case discover a lot of calm spots around the resort that made for perfect settings for lazing around.


SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWMy room for this specific remain at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort was a Lesser Suite, an extravagant 55 square meter space with inconspicuous French contacts. Bold colors (think: purple and pink) blended with downplayed wooden boards and grey furnishings.


SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWThe living region is isolated from the room through a parceling divider that is semi-open, with the focal point of this divider being the 47″ TV that comes as a couple – one confronting the lounge room and the other facing the bedroom.


One of the features in the living territory is the space-age looking minibar cum coffee machine. Coffee’s from Illy Coffee while tea sacks were from TWG with flavors, for example, Sencha and Earl Dark. The Coffee’ was so fragrant and welcoming, I couldn’t avoid having a container despite the fact that I ordinarily maintain a strategic distance from caffeine during the evening.

Justifiably, there is significantly more space designated to the living territories and the room for this situation is intended for sleeping. That being stated, there is sufficient space for pack cabinets, at either end of the room and nightstands. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review, The semi-open format (in addition to the use of mirrors) makes a decent feeling of space inside the dozing quarters

On the off chance that like me, you strangely tend to press your garments while remaining in hotel, do observe that the iron is now connected to an outlet situated inside one of the cupboards. To press your garments, you have to arrange the pressing board close to the space between the apportioned dividers.

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Substituting dark wooden boards and mirrors fill the washroom of the Junior Suite,
It is graced by a greater than-normal bath. The latrine territory is in its own particular walled in area while a spacious rain-shower is in another. I like the messages embellished on the glass. My room accompanied the message “Singing’ in the rain,” as though welcoming visitors to belt out a tune or two while experiencing their morning shower. I happily obliged.

Toiletries came from Lanvin, in liberal 100 ml sizes. I like how housekeeping keenly put in a loofah and some shower salts by the tub for utilize. Somewhere else, I would have needed to make an extraordinary demand.


SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWThe pool zone of the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort takes after the very much manicured and quiet topic penetrating whatever remains of the property. The swimming pool itself measures 33 meters and is encompassed by a lot of trees, cabanas and attractive lounge seats. It is anything but difficult to escape here simply spending a whole evening chilling by the pool.

Around evening time, it is considerably more alluring as I would see it with splendid enlightenment over the pool. On the off chance that you are searching for a more characteristic swimming spot, Tanjong beach is only a 132-advance downhill walk away.

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I didn’t figure out how to eat at the resort’s Italian restaurant, Il Lido at the Bluff, yet the rich stylistic layout grabbed my attention. I can’t remark about the nourishment yet the setting, sitting above the ocean, makes for a great date venue.



BREAKFAST AT KWEE ZEENBreakfast is served at the resorts throughout the day dining restaurant, Kwee Zeen. There is a magnificent exhibit of nearby and universal charge on offer for the morning meal. The cheese section is striking, similar to the liberal pastry station – lots of sweet treats even early in the day!

SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA - HOTEL REVIEWI additionally came by Kwee Zeen for their Sunday breakfast and keeping in mind that I don’t prescribe sitting at the outside territory at noon, it is really a magnificent plan to get one of the open air tables for your morning meal. You can take your pick with the perspectives. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa – Hotel Review, One side faces the pool while another segment faces the ocean. You won’t turn out badly with either.

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