Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore

Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore | Growing up, obtaining a replacement outfit for Chinese New Year was perpetually a highlight on behalf of me, and naturally, I’d prefer to keep this small tradition going for my girl. Nothing says satellite New Year like donning a replacement dress or carrying a cheongsam in Singapore, right?!

In this day and age, Chinese New Year outfits are off from old school and tatty. There ar numerous stylish choices for young and recent, boys and ladies, out there in-store and online!
Here are eight auspicious places for if you’re searching for a cheongsam in Singapore for yourself or your female, and a Mandarin-collared shirt for the boys and men in your life!

Le Petit Society

Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore

Homegrown whole, lupus Petit Society, is all concerning celebrating the family and therefore the heat of intimacy in their Chinese New Year 2019 assortment that has items for Mum, Dad, baby, and toddler!
Le Petit Society captures the essence of the satellite New Year with their use of fun and daring colors of chromatic and contemporary pink, and historically auspicious parts together with constellation, the Dragon, and after all, Mandarin Orange.
Pop into their flagship store at Paragon Mall and take a fantastically trendy cheongsam for your girl, and an identical Mandarin-collared shirt for your husband!

Find out more about Le Petit Society’s Chinese New Year collection here.
Le Petit Society, 290 Orchard Rd, #05-35 Paragon Mall, Singapore 238859

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Sea Apple

Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeSea Apple’s This Once Was associate degree garden assortment is galvanized by Singapore’s favorite searching district, garden Road.
The stories behind the threads in their Chinese New Year assortment can take you back to the yesteryear of garden Road once plantations were the: from their herbaceous plant Tunic Cheongsam, to the Plantation Mandarin Shirt, Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore | your very little ones are going to be carrying history to mention the smallest amount.

Made victimization cloth like cotton processed in Spain, we’re hoping ocean Apple can begin manufacturing equally pleasant items for U.S.A. parents! till then, we’ll deal with a Chinese New Year wardrobe crammed with their pretty cheongsams and Mandarin-collared shirts for the tiny ones.

To find out where Sea Apple is stocked, or to make your purchases, go here.


Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeWhat began as the way of celebrating the lives of Leia and Lauren, a combine of MOMO twins to father, Peter, and mother, Amber, has since evolved into a line of consumer goods that reflects the distinctive personalities and characters of the 2 ladies.
Inspired by the twins and therefore the family’s travels round the world, Leia+Lauren ar all concerning garments for the fearless, quirky, and spirited kid, with no compromise on quality and flexibility.
Their Chinese New Year assortment actually reflects these traits and a lot of. Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore explosive with color and lucky parts of the Pig and therefore the Kumquat, your girl are going to be a sight to lay eyes on in Leia+Lauren’s Pink Spring Cheongsam Dress, and your son an image of charm in his CNY Mandarin Shirt.

Get your hands on Leia+Lauren’s Chinese New Year collection here.

Chubby Chubby

Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeThe brainchild of local graphic designer Nix Deng, Chubby Chubby is brimming with fun and artistic pieces, all lovingly designed and made in Singapore.

Visit The zoftig Haus placed in Loewen Hill these days and take items from zoftig Chubby’s Spring Blessings ‘19 assortment. I even have my eye on a red Halter Baby Doll Cheongsam dress, with a stunning Prosperity Bird print, and a Boy’s Knot Shirt that includes lucky pineapples everywhere.

If you love twinning, there are matching Mandarin-collared shirts for dads and cheongsams for mums, but fastest fingers first! Visit their online store here.

The Chubby Haus, Loewen Hill by Dempsey, 75 A Loewen Road Singapore 248851 

The Elly Store


Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeToys, art and baby gifts aren’t the sole things The Elly Store has available. Its vastly standard Chinese New Year assortment, Growing Up With Elly, is currently out there in-store and on-line, therefore look away!
There ar items for youngsters ages zero to fourteen, and for mummies and daddies too. Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore | From cheongsams lined with lace, to Mandarin-collared shirts and rompers for the boys – and men – in your life, The Elly Store is that theone-stop buy your family’s Chinese New Year outfits.
Our favourites ar the inexperienced Drop-Waist Cheongsam with Cranes, the Mia Onesie with Pink Ducks on Bamboo, and therefore the Turquoise Lanterns Mandarin-Collared Shirt.

Pop into The Elly Store located at Cluny Court today or go here for more on their latest Chinese New Year 2019 releases.

The Elly Store, 501 Bukit Timah Rd, #02-31/33 Cluny Court, Singapore 259760

Maison Q


Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeReversible cheongsams in Singapore and Mandarin-collared shirts? 2 outfits in one piece of clothing? Sign Pine Tree State up!
Maison Q, a Singapore-based whole, is all concerning quality. Their Chinese New Year assortment options their signature red scallop print that solely makes its look once a year throughout this joyous season.
We love their interpretation of kid, associate degree art pig cutout on the left facet of the Babe Can Fly Reversible Shirt. flip it within out, associate degreed let your son go for the skies in an heavier-than-air craft print shirt, excellent for post-CNY occasions. Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore |
Made of 100% cotton cloth created and written by a supply that has been awarded the arrogance in Textiles certification, folks will rest assured that your very little ones are wearing solely the best!

For stockist information or to find out more on Maison Q’s Chinese New Year 2019 collection, go here.

Little Qipao

Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In SingaporeIf you’re once a cheongsam in Singapore anytime of the year, very little Qipao is your best bet!
Their Chinese twelvemonth assortment, Oriental Enchantment, makes use of distinctive materials, like denim, to relinquish the standard cheongsam associate updated and trendy oomph!
The boys and men will have their choose of Mandarin-collared tiptop in equally fabulous colors and styles, as well as material Silver.
With very little Qipao’s Mini-Me assortment, there ar items for the complete family to appear nice along this gala season!
To find out a lot of on cheongsams for tiny women, and Mandarin-collared shirts for the boys, head on-line to www.littleqipao.com.


Miz Apparels

Want a cheongsam to fit your unconventional personality? You’ll positively got to check up on Miz Apparels set in docking facility Bay Link Mall.
Expect color block cheongsams, pant-suit cheongsams, and even drop-waist ones in most colors of the rainbow and super cute prints – completely different is actually the name of the sport here! Where To Buy Mandarin Collared Shirts In Singapore | As every dress is out there in restricted quantities, go into these days to snag your favorite piece!
It looks the boys and men are a bit frustrated since solely the cheongsams are furnished on-line at the instant – go here to be updated on any new releases this Chinese New Year !

Miz Apparels, 8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-13, Singapore 018984


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